Big Giant Circles


Jimmy Hinson, also known to many as Big Giant Circles, is a BAFTA-nominated music composer and remixer, a gamer, and an alum of OverClocked ReMix. With the Wall of Sound music team, Jimmy co-composed the score to BioWare’s blockbuster sci-fi epic title Mass Effect 2 with Sam Hulick, David Kates, and Brian DiDomenico under the direction of lead composer Jack Wall. The score received numerous awards and nominations, most notably the 2011 BAFTA nomination for Best Original Music. As one of the few game composers in the industry who extensively uses FL Studio, Image-Line appointed him as one of their few “Power Users” along the ranks of names like Justin Lassen, Basshunter, Mike Oldfield, and Deadmau5. Jimmy was also the first remixer to collaborate directly with a game’s original composer on his Deus Ex remix “Siren Synapse,” featuring Alexander Brandon.