DiGi Valentine


DiGi is the person. Valentine is the persona. As one, he’s a mish-mash of old school 1990’s Rap flows put through Hip Hop and Nerdcore subjects. Hailing from North London, England, he is heavily influenced by video games, comic books and cartoons. Elements of these inspirations usually find their way in to the songs he writes.

Since his early musical beginnings in 2004, DiGi Valentine has made it somewhat of a goal of his to help bring British voice, street slang and mannerisms to Nerdcore Hip Hop in attempt to build bridges between American and British audiences alike. Thanks to the guidance of Stevo Bortz (Level 99), in 2011 he became OverClocked ReMix’s first British Rap vocalist, a personal achievement which he holds dear. This eventually allowed him to meet other musicians from all over the world who dabbled in the same genre and in 2012 he formed a multinational Nerdcore HipHop group with Drew Wheeler (halc), which he named the ‘Zone Runners.’

He’s also known as the ‘Bunny Man’, though not to be confused with an urban legend of the same name from Fairfax, Virginia. That guy carries an axe. This guy carries a microphone. Slight difference.

Google+: http://youtube.com/DiGiValentine
LastFM: http://last.fm/music/DiGi+Valentine
Tumblr: http://digivalentine.tumblr.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/DiGiValentine
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DiGi_Valentine
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/digi-valentine
OverClocked ReMix Profile: http://ocremix.org/artist/10772/digi-valentine