Heath Morris


Hi I’m Heath, an American living in Thailand. I work as a software engineer and occasional composer. I’m a child of Sega Genesis and the Quake engine, and Final Fantasy VII and FruityLoops gave my life meaning. I am inspired by Nobuo Uematsu, Danger, Justice, Airbase, Thomas Newman, Hiroki Kikuta, Ben Folds, J Dilla, Randy Newman, and Counting Crows. I’ve taught myself some songs on piano in the last couple years but I still mostly mouse all of my notes into Reason. I’m passionate about rationality and science literacy, and I frequently derail my productivity by arguing about these things on Facebook. I also like cooking, poker, Magic: The Gathering, writing fiction of questionable quality, singing, reading physics articles on Wikipedia and pretending to understand them, learning Japanese on and off, meditation, lifting weights, tea, blogging, and making instructional videos and tutorials.

Composing is my outlet for most ideas. I think it is one of the most interesting ways to tell stories, or at least I’ve always experienced stories most intensely through music. I started making music when I was about 13, after moving from Canada to Iowa. My new friends introduced me to electronic music, specifically trance, and I was hooked. Later, a musician friend showed me FruityLoops version 2 and I would make songs using the wav files from Windows 98, especially the error noises. Then I came across OC ReMix, and I realized how important music was for telling stories. I realized that it was music that had the most impact on me during all of the games I had played. My favorite way to compose is to come up with a story or scenario in my head and then create music to try to tell that story.

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