Viking Guitar


Hi there. My name is Erik Peabody, and I want to make music for your project. I’ve been a guitarist for sixteen years, and have been involved in recording and audio production for over ten years. My emphasis has always been on emotional, heavy music, with strong motifs and infectious melodies. However, I also love sparse, subtle compositions, and am comfortable working with these themes across many genres and styles. I hold myself to high standards of professionalism and integrity in all areas of my life.

Under the pseudonym Viking Guitar, I’ve been covering and rearranging video game music since 2008. I also run Viking Guitar University, a free online resource for budding guitarists and recording artists. I have had the opportunity to perform and collaborate with some incredible musicians in the game remix scene, as well as contribute to compilations such as Harmony of a Hunter, Spectrum of Mana, and Vampire Variations.

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