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New Release from Kole Audio Solutions: Pixel Piracy OST

Kole Hicks, the mastermind behind this glorious musical booty.

Kole Hicks, the mastermind behind this glorious musical booty.

Kole Audio Solutions, the brainchild of guitarist/composer Kole Hicks, has been hard at work perfecting OverClocked Records’ most recent album release: Pixel Piracy OST. This album provides the musical background for the side-scrolling sandbox/strategy/simulation game that is Pixel Piracy: a swashbuckling adventure where you take the helm of your own custom-outfitted ship, recruit a loyal crew, and take to the open seas. From there, pirate warfare kicks in and every strategy becomes fair game as you try to make a name for yourself as the fiercest and most famous pirate to sail the seven seas!

The soundtrack itself is relatively short in length, but each minute is packed with the feel of adventure. The playful interactions between the guitars, violins, mandolins, various percussion instruments, and all of the more exotic musical elements layered into each track paint an excellent portrait of the pirating lifestyle, even before you see the gorgeous pixelated graphics for which the game is known. That same playful motif is seen again in the featured “sea shanty” vocal tracks, most of which include hilarious lyrics by means of interactions between the captain and the members of his crew (see “My Favorite Things Start with a ‘P'”, “Salty Dogs”, “9 Drinks”, and the end of “Shoot and Loot”). Kole and company were tasked with providing music for a charming, immersive, open-world adventure game, and they managed to match every one of those marks along the way. Pixel Piracy is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam, and its excellent soundtrack is available right here on OverClocked Records!Pixel Piracy OST


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