Atlantis Awakening

Jillian Aversa
Released: 3/31/2014
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Awakening to visions of a civilization long buried beneath the sea, a woman begins to wonder if they are mere dreams or memories from a past life. Aletheia: in search of truth, her timeless journey begins…

I have always found myself drawn to the imagery of tsunami. Since I was a child, these giant waves have permeated my dreams – so frequently, in fact, that I began to realize they must hold some sort of significance to me, however subconscious. It is this curiosity that led to the inception of Atlantis Awakening, my third solo album.

Unlike my previous original works, this is a true concept album with both a literal story (a woman experiencing visions of the lost world) and a metaphorical meaning (her search for truth in a sea of doubt). My hope is that the music will inspire you to discover your own truths as well.

Jillian Aversa – Composition, Lyrics, Vocals (All Tracks)
Andrew Aversa – Composition, Production (All Tracks)
Christopher Tin – Composition (Track 7)
Malukah – Vocals (Track 6)
Tina Guo – Cello (Tracks 3, 7, 10)
Jeff Ball – Violin & Viola (Tracks 7, 10)
Philadelphia Boys Choir -Choir (Tracks 1, 9)
Sandro Friedrich – Duduk (Tracks 1, 9)
Doug Perry – Percussion (Tracks 5, 6)
Joe Zieja – Guitar (Track 6)

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