Green Hill Sessions

Released: 7/22/2014
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One hedgehog. One man. One awesome album.

Hot on the heels of Sonic’s 23rd birthday, Jivemaster – veteran OC ReMixer, goes to task on the entire Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack! From title to credits, each song from the OST is given the remix treatment, taking you on a breakbeat driven journey to synth-pop heaven. If you like dancing around your bedroom, or prefer to simply tap your foot, give this a listen. Sonic sound effects sold separately.

Watch the album teaser trailer:

Performed, programmed, produced and engineered by Joel “Jivemaster” Bird.

Album artwork and design by Sami “TheSmai” Briggs. Additional design by Jivemaster.

Vocal samples performed by Jivemaster. Additional vocal samples performed by Rachel “Rabcandy” Bird.

Special thanks to Matt Keller (SuperiorX) and Mike Molina (Sir_NutS) for their endless support and tutelage.

Many thanks to Andrew Aversa, David Lloyd and Larry Oji for providing this opportunity and for their hard work in making this release happen.

This album is dedicated to my wife Rachel, who is responsible for funding this nonsense.

All licensing handled via Limelight (

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