Journey to the Centre of the World

Released: 10/27/2016

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Journey to the Centre of the World is a big fat 80’s sequel to my 2013 album Welcome to the Real World. This time, there are longer songs, bigger sounds, better solos, better lyrics (debatably) and much worse track titles for some reason, with a mighty, sizzling, bombastic DuckTales remix thrown in for good measure.

Reason and Ableton were used in the creation of this album.

I’d like to give special thanks to some cool people, so many in fact that if I was to name them all, we’d still be here after my album has finished. Or maybe I’m lazy. However, to my friends and family, who I couldn’t have done this without, thank you so much.

Album cover artwork by Fiona Harby.

DaMonz – “Warrior of Light” opening transcription into FamiTracker
Valentino Francavilla – “Warrior of Light” vocals

Released on Tiny Waves.

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