Mega Man Battle Network Legacy: Resonant Transmissions

Released: 5/6/2016

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Although the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy fangame was cancelled, the soundtrack lives on! The game was intended to be a real-time tactical 16-bit RPG acting as the sequel to Mega Man Battle Network 6, 25 years into the future, and the instruments used reflect the sound quality limitations of the GBA system (besides the channel count). Most inspiration came from past Battle Network OSTs, Joshua Morse, and Andrew “zircon” Aversa.

You’ll hear exciting Battle themes, atmospheric Network themes, chill or elaborate Area and Town themes, and so on. Since this game is a sequel, some themes are interpretive ReMixes of certain tracks from the past Battle Network games in the series, but the majority are original. The track order is similar to how it would be in a Battle Network soundtrack. Also, there are 6 additional bonus tracks that are either ReMixes of selected tracks in the OST or just something I wanted to include for fans (like the Battle Network medley).

Even though I primarily composed this myself, I had much helpful contribution and feedback from my co-composer Andrew-Julian Soriano. The overall vibe is mainly going to tonally sound like a synth rock/trance fusion, but it is adapted to multiple other genres as well, such as Dance, Drum & Bass, Jazz Fusion, and Downtempo. This soundtrack has actually been quite a long time in-the-making — a few years, really. But I feel like Andrew and I learned a whole bunch compositionally in the process, and while this is my first OST, this may be my favorite already!


Timaeus (Truong-Son Nguyen) – lead composer
Saberman (Andrew-Julian Soriano) – project director, composer

Additional composition –
NintenJoe64 (Joe Nichols) [former lead composer, 2009-2010]
Cyril & WanderingMind (Ben Yackley & Chris Pelkey) [“Armor Up ~ Vs. Tournament/Friendly Boss”]
OmegaManZX (Tom Northrop) [“Yuichiro’s Sanctuary” and “Under Pressure”]

Graphics Designers –
PreacherDudeRox, Mega Rock.exe

Artists –
Sylence, Midnite

Capcom Sound Team – original composition of all previous Mega Man tracks

All licensing handled via Loudr (