New Game+

Released: 11/1/2016

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OverClocked Records and jazz fusion band Materia are thrilled to present New Game+, a soulful musical journey paying tribute to some of gaming’s most beloved soundtracks. Featuring 23 musicians across 10 tracks, in a team of 27 total people, New Game+ represents a massive achievement, bringing together jazz musicians from around the globe to perform and record an album in the oft forgotten jazz fusion tradition, including an epic 11+-minute arrangement from Chrono Trigger.

All 27 members of the team met through MAGFest, a four day-long festival dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. Their album is as much of a tribute to MAGFest and the people responsible for it, as it is to the friends they’ve gained through its creation.

“Image of a Hero” arrangement by Materia, heavily inspired by zircon’s (Andrew Aversa) OverClocked ReMix
“Stronger Than You” arrangement by Dominic Cerquetti, Erica Patoka, Robbie Benson, and Kevin Lin. Original arrangement by Aivi & Surasshu
“Funkadelus” horn arrangement by Zack Hall. Arrangement by Zack Hall, Kwesi Andoh and Materia, heavily inspired by Robert Allen’s work on Jazz Jackrabbit and Alexander Brandon’s work on Jazz Jackrabbit 2
All other arrangements and instruments by Peter Kim
Mixing and mastering by Peter Bobinski
Drum production on “Funkadelus” by Randy Garcia
Web development and web production by Jer Roque
Album art and web assets by Nate “Yngwie” Horsfall
Materia icons and Materia logo by Sofia “Sabu” Lopez