Pixel Piracy OST

Jeff Ball, Kole Audio Solutions
Released: 6/16/2014

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The Pixel Piracy Original Soundtrack features all of the music from the hit PC game written by Kole Audio Solutions. Everything from the sea shanties your wee mates sing while sailing on your custom pirate ship to the pulse-pounding combat tracks that encourage you to destroy your fierce enemies.


Les Brockmann – Recording Engineer & Mixing Engineer for “Sailing the World of Pixel Piracy”
Jeff Ball – Violin
Wayne Hankin – Hurdy Gurdy, Gemshorn, Hornpipe, and other unique instruments.
Jeness – Cello
Robert Allaire – Accordion
Lucine Fyelon – Violin on “Pirate’s Jig”
Kole Hicks – Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Hand Percussion, etc.

Special Thanks To: Alexander Poysky, Vitali Kirpu, Whitney Wyckoff, and all my family/friends for their support.