Released: 1/1/2012
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I found my true north in the land of shining stars,
I’m moving on my way from morning Earth to evening Mars.
I’m rising through the silence of Mother Universe,
And faith in God that helps me keep my inner force.


Open ModPlug Tracker, Plogue Chipsounds, Native Instruments FM8, DSK ThoR, Vember Audio Surge, Apple Logic Pro, tons of various chip samples


My lovely family, Samuel Ascher-Weiss, Sergey Mukhorin, zinger, Alex Strohm, Klaus Lunde, Eike Steffen and all Brainstorm fellas, Ken Snyder, Steven Velema, Jake & Kristina Kaufman, Jeffrey Roberts & Open Circuit, Kyle Crouse & KNGI, Natalia Afanasieva, Mikhail Ivanov, Oleg Nikitin, Andrey Tselishev, Vyacheslav Kalinin, Alexander Matchugovsky, Vladimir Tugay, Sergey Kosov, Jimmy Hinson, Audun Sørlie &, staff, Jay & Christine Tholen, Frank Martin, Dave Harris, John Tiberio, Nils Feske, Blake Troise, Rich Vreeland, all my friends who I have forgotten to mention and to all of you who supporting me through my music! Enjoy the album, and Happy New Year!


Preschtale on Ubiktune

Preschtale on rutracker

Preschtale Variations

The album consists of 16 songs and features performances and covers based on the original album. Over one hour in length, Variations includes a long list of genres and sounds, from chiptune and electronic renditions to metal and acoustic pieces.

Daniel “Danimal Cannon” Behrens — solo guitar on “Preschtale, Part 2”

Markus “Junkboy” Toivonen — album artwork

Roman “Megus” Petrov — mixing and mastering

All other credits to Dmitry “C-jeff” Zhemkov