The Vigilant Menagerie

Kole Audio Solutions
Released: 12/22/2014

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The Vigilant Menagerie is the name of a heroic team following the Rise of the Runelords campaign in Pathfinder. It is comprised of a Dwarven Monk (Talon Everdark – Me), Shoanti Ranger (Mokishavo, son of Ankav), Half-Elf Summoner (Seryalinda Vastraza), Elven Archaeologist (Eldrin Valerys), and the always unpredictable pyromaniac Gnome Wizard (Acuco Tylo).

This album follows their adventures through the world. Read each track’s description then close your eyes to follow along with us on our Journey; or perhaps you could use these tracks for your own pen & paper RPG sessions!

Lucine Fyelon – Violin & Vocals
Jeness – Cello
Wayne Hankin – World Winds
Les Brockmann – Recording Engineer & Mix on “Gathering Omens”
Zack Whitley – The Vigilant Menagerie Crest Design
Alex Emmett – Some Track Titles & Descriptions, plus the name “The Vigilant Menagerie”
Victor Cortis – Cover Art

Special Thanks to my family, friends, Tim (Alle), Zack, Chett, Alex, Steve, Whitney, Stacey, & everyone else for encouraging my “Nerdiness”!