Twitch Streaming Friendly Albums on OC Records

OverClocked Records <3 Twitch & YouTube!

If you have your own YouTube or channel, we have great news for you: the majority of the OverClocked Records catalog is streaming-friendly and cleared for video use! This means you can use songs, albums, and remixes from our artists on your channel without worrying about getting muted, content ID/audio match, etc.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Buy the Music

Any album with the Twitch icon is streaming and video-friendly. Purchase any of those albums through our store!

Step 2: Add Credit and a Link

On your channel page, add text saying “Music provided by (artist)” and list the artist(s) whose music you’re using. Then, link to either specific album pages on our site OR so viewers know where to get the music.

It would also be appreciated if you had on-screen information, like “Now Playing” text, or a Twitch bot that announces what’s currently playing.

Step 3: Contact Us to Verify

Required only for large channels – 10,000 subscribers or more. Once you have everything set up, contact us with a link to your channel and we’ll verify that everything is good to go!