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Adriane Lake’s New EP ‘Morning Glow’ is Quirky, Playful, and Excellent

Morning Glow

Listen to ‘Morning Glow’ here!

Today, we are honored to welcome Adriane Lake to OverClocked Records with the release of her full-length album, Morning Glow. While Adriane is known in the gaming community for her score to the indie title Hoard, she has remixed several top Canadian indie musicians, and has released a well-received instrumental album under the moniker Adri. This marks her second album release, and it’s something else.

No, really. You haven’t heard music like this before. And that’s too bad for you, because it’s amazing.

Adriane chose her album title well – all nine songs have a certain air to them, that reminds the listener of cozy sheets and sunshine peeking through the window. The eighth track of the album is actually called “A Blanket of Love,” suitably enough! Morning Glow stays bouncy and whimsical throughout. Instruments and vocals blend together effortlessly to create songs that are easy on the ears and the mind. However, that is not to say that it’s anywhere near simple. Ms. Lake regularly goes off into some deep musical territory, using irregular time signatures, layering her voice over itself and creating some surprisingly complex rhythms, while using some interesting sounds that will play with your musical palette.

Her subject matter also varies from contemplative to downright silly. In track three, “Who Are the People in My Life?”, she explores just how little we may know about the people around us. On the other hand, the sixth song of the album is narrated from the perspective of a housecat. Lake unapologetically drifts in whichever direction her thoughts take her throughout the album, and it makes for an incredibly interesting look into just how multi-dimensional an she is, both as an artist and a person.

Throughout it all, one thing is clear: this album is Adriane Lake. There is no commercialization, no made-for-radio songs. Morning Glow is the music that  Adriane Lake wanted to make, nothing more and nothing less. As such, it will come to no surprise to listeners that the album is her creation from the ground up – she is the producer, performer and singer for Morning Glow, a true one-woman show.

If you’re not at least curious by now, well… you should be. Preview the album here – we hope you like it!

The Derrit thinks the cover art for ‘Morning Glow’ is pretty much spot on. Well played, Adriane. Chat with him about music OR games on Twitter at @TheDerrit.