Blake Robinson


The Synthetic Orchestra is Blake Robinson and his collection of ultra-realistic sample libraries and software. Born in London, England, Blake Robinson has been obsessed with computer generated music from a young age. From his humble roots as a kid hacking away at Protracker on his Atari ST, Blake now utilises a top-of-the-range workstation to create epic orchestral pieces and lush symphonic soundtracks from the comfort of his home.

As an influential and experienced developer in the music software industry, Blake’s knowledge of the synthetic instruments at his disposal is in tip-top shape. His work on industry standard libraries such as CineBrass, Albion and Spitfire’s Bespoke range means that he has all the tools and experience necessary to create realistic orchestral mock-ups extremely efficiently. His ability to work on a tight budget and schedule allows him to provide independent video-game developers and movie producers with high quality orchestrated music that may not usually be available to them.

When he’s not developing top of the range tools for musicians, or scoring original soundtracks for video games and films, Blake hones his orchestration skills as a well known and respected re-mixer. Through social media, his freely-available music (featuring just under 7 hours and 300 tracks of iconic video game orchestrations) has racked up more than 11 million listens from roughly 60,000 people following his work.