My relationship with games began with an Atari 2600, waking up at 6am, before school to play Asteroids and Missile Command. Soon after, I got a few other consoles. While playing and finishing Kirby’s Dream Land or Link’s Awakening over and over I would jam out the 8-bit tracks on my family’s upright piano.

Throughout high school I began working on my first game projects; built in RM2K. I composed midi tracks, recruited and recorded voice actors on a beat up 58. I worked on game projects throughout high school, and although they were mainly only prototypes, I came to realize my passion for sound and music for games, eventually landing myself in University and completing a music degree focused on composition and music, and then studying a second degree in sound engineering.

Since then I’ve worked in all sorts of environments, from broadcast TV, audio post-production, but mainly video games. I work closely with developers and also extend my expertise with implementation – sound design is much more engaging and interactive than just an asset list synchronized to game events! Needless to say, I love playing and creating games.

Website: http://dualryan.com
LastFM: http://last.fm/music/Dualryan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DualRyan
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/dualryan