Joe Griffith


Joe (Moomba, ei.n) is a UK-based composer whose work features a varied blend of wondrous Orchestral scoring and Electronic music, enhanced with aspects of Rock, Folk, and Choral music. He’s written music for numerous projects of different size and scope, including student films, scores for orchestral performances, play underscores, and independent video games for the Xbox Live Arcade, iPhone, and Personal Computer. Some of these titles include the iOS-based Space Disorder, Cross Fate, and Mouse Attack, amongst a myriad of other games. His work has also been featured on national radio and he delights in working outside his comfort zone on a regular basis.

With almost ten years of academic training in music, and many more spent studying a range of techniques independent of formal education, Joe is an avid performer who has played in many situations. From orchestra to small Folk bands, this immersion in music has contributed greatly to his musical development and style. He also greatly enjoys writing in the third person, collects a wide range of oddities, and maintains a strong online presence. Oh, and gaming. Lots of gaming.