Kelly Andrew


Kelly Andrew is an accomplished musical artist, composer, pianist, producer, and sound engineer with an emphasis in melodic, lyrical, and emotional pop, contemporary instrumental, orchestral, and piano music.

Since the tender age of 11, he has written hundreds of songs and sketches. He has commercially released singles and albums in the contemporary instrumental, orchestral, world and uplifting trance genres. His orchestral/instrumental music has been very well received by the industry including the support of many internet (Music Choice, Pandora Radio,, etc.), local, national, and international radio stations, nominations by Independent Music Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Awards, numerous top-10 charts on, and numerous positive reviews including well-established reviewers in New Age,,, and

His electronic/uplifting trance music has been also well received and was supported by Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Andrew Rayel, Aly & Fila, Manuel Le Saux, DJ Phalanx, Ori Uplift, and countless DJ’s around the world with the honor of his tracks being voted as fan favorite (including his tracks being voted as “Future Favorite” title on Armin’s radio show, A State of Trance, of 10 million listeners), making into numerous top 10 and top 25 lists for track of the year, and numerous compilations, both independent and major, with countless positive reviews by numerous music critics. Recently, he has gained a strong presence on the web and has a substantial following on YouTube and Facebook.

Kelly is currently building repertoire on piano and writing music for TV/film, video games, trailers, and music libraries, and has had several publishing deals over the years. In addition, he also plays at events/festivals and at farmer’s markets around Florida playing cover music, original compositions, and unreleased material. He is currently working on new music with Audiomachine, an orchestral trailer production company in Los Angeles, and plans to expand his presence on YouTube and to release another albums.

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