Mattias Holmgren


Mattias Holmgren loves water and set sail with an early career in the music industry playing drums on various metal records (Naglfar “Vittra”, Embracing, Azure, etc.). In 1995, he started writing music more seriously and produced two albums with his technical metal band, Embracing. After two years of music school and living in the studio doing session work, he quit his job as a project engineer to begin the journey as a freelance composer and sound designer.

Today, Mattias runs the production company Morningdew Media and works with clients from South Korea to Canada and everything in between.

He has written and arranged music for many short films, commercial projects, and games like: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (Wii U), Pocket Minions (iOS), Legions of the Damned (iOS), Robofish (Xbox 360), Legio (PC), Nose Invaders (iOS), Peti, Monsteroom (iOS), Backgammon Live, Sloto Lotto, Aqua Moto Racing 3D (3DS), Ballonatic, and many more.

The business journey and working with advertising agencies has led him to produce content for renowned brands like: Fisherman’s Friend, BRIO, IKEA and E.ON.

He has two wonderful kids: Elliot and Leia, and they all live close to the sea in the north of Sweden.

When he is not knee deep in the studio he goes to the gym for a regular workout, or…takes the boat for an adventurous exploration trip with the kids.

Mattias loves to write both big bombastic cues as well as joyful tracks with a lot of humor and probably some retro hints.

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