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Begin a journey with Dungeonmans!

Hello OverClocked Fans!

Intern Mason reporting for duty!

After a long and grueling 23-credit semester, I am finally on a month-long break in my pajamas and sipping on some nice, hot chocolate, enjoying life. Since I have been home, I listened to OC Records most recent album Dungeonmans by our very own Andrew Aversa! Along being a beautiful-sounding album, it is also the official soundtrack to the online game (think you can guess the name?) Dungeonmans. This album is PACKED with 25 heroic and adventurous tracks that will take you on a wonderful journey like no other. After listening to the first few tracks, my ears kept asking for more (and that was made pretty easy with 25 tracks).

The first track, Resolve of Dungeonmans, is a perfect opener with a powerful statement that lasts throughout the entire album. As the album progresses, it becomes very easy to visualize images that the music is trying to convey. Take the fourth track Cimmerian Cavern, for example. The music is not flashy or energizing, but calm and smooth that provides a mysterious atmosphere. The sporadic use of plucked string runs, percussion instruments, alongside the smooth and calming melody provides the perfect music and visualization for a cavern scene.

As I was listening through each track and the album was coming to a close, I came across one that stood out the most from the rest. The Grand Finale was an absolute gorgeous piece that was a perfect closer for the album. The music takes the listener on a victorious journey through the score, with massive orchestral samples and live performances by Laura “Flute Link” Intravia, Jeff Ball, and Joe “XPRTNovice” Zieja. The piece starts with a beautiful melody and accompaniment that shapes and blows into a triumphant and powerful conclusion that will not disappoint!

So what are you waiting for? Why are you just sitting there? Check out the whole thing on our SoundCloud, and why not buy your own copy and support Andrew. It’s the holidays, the time for giving, and the list price is only $6.99! So strap on you armor, hop on your trusty steed, and ride into the sunset and start your journey of Dungeonmans!

Happy Holidays,

Intern Mason


Dungeonmans OST

You can buy the album Here! Also, check out Dungeonmans on Steam right Here!