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Heath Morris Does It Again!

Back on OC Records for the first time since his 2010 masterpiece Night Sounds, OC ReMix veteran Heath Morris returns with a bang! Yesterday, we launched his OverClocked Records exclusive album Near Future, and we couldn’t be more excited! Anyone who takes the time to listen to even just the beginning of any given track on the album will surely understand our enthusiasm.

From beginning to end, Near Future finds the perfect middle ground between weird glitch-pop and groovy club rhythms. In writing, that might not sound like it would work, but Heath found that strange sweet spot and never looked back. That being said, Heath also ensures that the listener’s attention is maintained throughout – there’s never a dull moment over the course of listening to the album all the way through. Personally, although I acknowledge that the driving breakbeat rhythms are the heart and soul of the album, I think some of Near Future‘s greatest merits are found in the breaks from the trance beats. They’ll take you by surprise, but that is not to say that they’re disorienting – in fact, those breaks will only rekindle a much-deserved sense of intrigue in each track. The strings in “King Walk”, for example, are just absolutely phenomenal. They lead the song in the same direction, ultimately, but the motive behind that direction is completely redefined and restructured right before your ears. Heath’s tendency to tell musical stories throughout his works are prevalent throughout all of Near Future, but the concept shines especially brightly here. And that’s not where the fun ends, either. The rest of the album takes the listener across an energetic musical journey with spacey leads, dark basslines, and very danceable beats (my personal favorite is “Keepsake”!).

Fans of bands like Justice, Danger, Daft Punk, etc. will not be disappointed with Heath’s latest work. His influences are very well-embedded into Near Future, which is only a small part of what makes it such a great collection of pieces. Near Future is available only through OverClocked Records, but it goes for the very affordable price of $3.99 (a steal, if you ask me!).


Near Future

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