Album Releases

New material from Sefiros, DDRKirbyISQ, and anosci!

In the last 48 hours, we’ve uploaded lots of new material to the site, courtesy of some incredible artists!  You won’t be disappointed by this new material.

He is watching you.

Say hello to Sefiros!

First and foremost, please welcome site newcomer Sefiros! He has been generous enough to bestow his full catalog of studio albums upon us (seven in total), all of which blend electronic, orchestral, and industrial influences over ambient song structures. The result is a gorgeous hybridization of melody and mood – almost every track is equally enjoyable via active listening or as background music. Sefiros is the kind of musician who can excite you with heavy, fast-paced electronica rhythms while calming your nerves with long, droning orchestral string overtones. Striking such a balance is no easy task, but Sefiros absolutely nails it.

Worth the $1!

3 additional tracks!

Next, we have OC Records veteran DDRKirbyISQ and his new OST for Ripple Runner! He describes the game as “a music running game, kind of like a cross between Canabalt and Rhythm Heaven“, a contribution in the same vein as BIT.TRIP RUNNER. The soundtrack itself consists of exactly the kind of bouncy 8-bit fun that you can expect from DDRKirbyISQ, but it is much more beat-driven than many of his previous OSTs (no doubt due to the nature of the gameplay in Ripple Runner). We have two versions of the OST available for download: Ripple Runner OST and Ripple Runner Deluxe OST. The deluxe version comes from the new-and-improved version of the game and adds three additional tracks for only $1 more!

You found this text, but can you find the original samples?

OC Records samples and remixes!

Finally, OC Records has received perhaps its most unique original composition piece, courtesy of anosci, a.k.a. “Sound Criminal”. This nickname combined with his love for the OC Records community inspired his latest EP, SOUND CRIMINAL IN OVERCLOCKED RECORDS. The album is composed of “remixed” versions of previous releases from OC Records artists halc, zircon, HyperDuck SoundWorks, Malcos, and Flexstyle. The tracks are named for the exact mixing methods that anosci used, or perhaps for the new ideas that he created while mixing (tracks range from “halc bitcrushed a buffer overflow until it became a genre” to “Flexstyle generally uses his mastery of the four elements to rock the dancefloor”). Regardless, the EP is lots of fun to listen to, and anosci has even provided a challenge alongside this release: find all of the original samples by following the links in the SOUND CRIMINAL IN OVERCLOCKED RECORDS album description!

That’s all for today, but stick around at OverClocked Records for all of your VGM soundtrack needs!


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