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New Release from bLiNd: Blacklight


bLiNd leading the party.

bLiNd, one of OverClocked Records’ most well-known artists, has been hard at work in the past few months. Releasing his well-received debut EP First Aid Kit earlier this month, bLiNd put more than a few sub-woofers to work with a variety of pulse-pounding house tracks. Not one to rest on his laurels, he is back with a new electro-house offering: Blacklight. It’s easy to tell this is a bLiNd album; while the tracks all have a distinct flavor, Blacklight is full of bass-heavy, four-on-the-floor action that you can feel in your chest. You don’t have to take my word for it, either. One of the tracks is actually called ‘You Need A Sub.’ bLiNd makes no bones about it – he’s bringing you a party, and you better like it. Fans of bLiNd know exactly what to expect from this EP – a great album with that will hit the speakers hard. Dance-heads less familiar with bLiNd’s work will be happy to find an EP that shakes up the house genre with some energetic and thematically original tunes. Give it a listen below; we doubt you will walk away disappointed.

bLiNd new EP Blacklight OverClocked Records

Listen to Blacklight – Click Here!

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The Derrit is a fan of ze house musiks, and even more a fan of two bLiNd EPs in one month. Seriously guy, take a break every once in awhile! Talk games and music with him on Twitter at @TheDerrit.