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OverClocked Records’ Very First Arrangement Album: Green Hill Sessions!

Today is a very exciting day for OverClocked Records! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever fully-licensed arrangement album: Green Hill Sessions, a Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack arranged by OC ReMix all-star Jivemaster! Green Hill Sessions will be the first album of many in the new “Arranged” section of our site. We knew we needed a BIG project to represent OC Records on its maiden voyage into the world of arranged music, and that’s exactly what Jivemaster was able to provide.

Right off the bat, Green Hill Sessions grabs your attention with the half-rock, half-electro, all-breakbeat intro from the Blue Blur’s very first title screen. If the intense rhythms here combined with the familiar rockin’ melody don’t already invoke some combined sense of intrigue, nostalgia, and groove in you, maybe you had better stick around for at least another track. Here, the iconic theme to the Green Hill Zone is especially welcome, considering its new synth-rock outfitting and driving percussion. Jivemaster’s vocal additions to the track (“Let’s go!” and “You’re in the Zone!”) only accentuate its intensity while somehow providing even more fast-paced fun to an already thrilling piece.

The rest of the album stays true to this formula: intensely rhythmic, full of groovy synth-based instruments, overdriven guitar lines and various production techniques, and peppered with cool vocal fills (my personal favorite being “Put your haaaaands up!” in “Magma Desperado”, the Marble Zone track). Jivemaster describes the album best in his own words: “… each track takes you on a beat-driven, genre-evolving journey across your favorite zones, while maintaining that nostalgic feel of the original source material”, and he’s absolutely right. The album is full of very cool toe-tapping tunes that remind listeners why they fell in love with Sonic in the first place.

This is more than just a collection of arranged works – it’s a testament of adoration from a true fan for the first of a series of incredible soundtracks. Jivemaster’s OC ReMix page is full of almost nothing but Sonic tracks (including one of my favorite OC ReMixes of all time), so you know this is coming from a passionate place for him. He even had Sonic CD: Temporal Duality artist Sami “TheSmai” Briggs do the album cover for it! The result of Jivemaster’s efforts is a musical roller coaster that is 100% compelling from Title Screen to End Credits. Thankfully, we hear all the rest of the music from the game along the way too – every Zone, plus the BGM for the Special Stage, the Boss Theme, and the Invincibility Theme!

Green Hill Sessions is available exclusively through OverClocked Records. Give it a listen – you won’t regret it. And if you like it, you can purchase it for just $8.99 (or more, in case you want to support the artist!) And because the album is a fully-licensed arrangement work, Masato Nakamura, the original composer, will benefit from each purchase as well!Green Hill Sessions

Jack thinks that this is hands-down the coolest Sonic-related media to surface in ages. The album cover alone is just… so, so great. Then again, “coolest in ages” might not be saying much. You can chat with Jack about other cool gaming/music phenomena on Twitter at @jackedcunning.