AnalogStik EP

John Montoya
Released: 1/31/2014
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This is Johnathan’s debut EP on OverClocked Records. This EP is dedicated to everyone that has helped him get into the video game industry. His inspiration for this EP mainly comes from Andrew “zircon” Aversa’s style of production. It is because of Andrew that John decided to learn music production. John created this EP in his bedroom at his parents’ house. Even he believes that anyone can create quality music without spending thousands of dollars on fancy music equipment. His mission is to prove that anyone can live their dreams if they work hard enough and they stay dedicated.

Thank you very much for supporting me.

This EP is dedicated to:

Andrew Aversa, Austin Wintory, Paul Eiding, Trey Powell, Steve Redmond, J2 Labs, John Davison, and his friends and entire family.

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