Broken Lighthouse Initiative EP

Released: 8/27/2012
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A five track collection of instrumental electromelodic bounciness, kicking things off with “Treguard’s Theme”, a filthy bass led tribute to the master of children’s TV show “Knightmare” (who’s trademark quip when the contestants meet their doom is to utter “Oooooh, nasty…”).  Breakdowns and cutups keep you on your toes before the whole track shifts around your ears.  “Couldn’t Care More” is an evocative, heartfelt track which builds and builds and soars, before returning you to earth a changed listener.  “Shadows” is the darkness under the bed, the empty wardrobe at midnight… but thankfully they are home to only joyous spirits and friendly sprites.  “Here’s The Thing” is the history of the world, as told by modems from another planet.  The chatter escalates, but is silenced by the Almighty Bass to whom all must bow.  Finally, “Broken Lighthouse Initiative” is the enduring spirit of creativity, which when all else falls apart and the future looks bleak will not allow the courageous heart to stop until satisfaction is had.

That was perhaps the most pretentious paragraph I’ve ever written.