Released: 11/10/2014
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Dither is an album that encompasses an abundance of musical genres and features epic scores, cinematic production, and flawless vocal talents. Electronic music in such genres as glitch pop, neo-classical, and post-industrial are combined with strings and other organic elements to create what can only be described as post-orchestral electronica.

This album is my eighth full length release. It has been in the making for years now, beginning its life shortly after the release of 2010’s Stop Becoming. For the first time in my musical career I have decided to add lyrics and vocals to the music, provided by my talented and musical friends.

The finished album features fourteen new post-orchestral electronica tracks and runs for over an hour. There are a total of seven tracks featuring guest vocalists such as Kathryn Dearborn, Damien Hendry of Ocean of You, and Andrew Kay.

Composition, programming and production: Bryan Henderson

Additional composition, lyrics, guitars, and vocals:
Tracks 2, 3, 8, 12, and 14: Kathryn Dearborn
Track 5: Andrew Kay
Track 9: Damien Hendry

Mastering: Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles at Super Audio Mastering
Instrumental mastering: Bryan Henderson

Artwork: Bryan Henderson
(using elements taken from

Special thanks: Natalie Smith, Assorted Family Members, Kathryn Dearborn, Damien Hendry, Andrew Kay, David Erwood, Two Weeks, Sir Tarquin Underspoon, Markus Jäntti, Steven Erskine, Edward DeBoy, Niall Paton, missmoogleuk83, North Kozar, Trevor Woodhouse, Darren Shaw, TinDefacto, Gavin Higgins, Ammar Anwar, Thomas Faulenbach, Timothy ‘Glowku’ Gardiner, Mark Brown, TweakerRay, Jonas Ahrentorp, William MacLeod, Rich Elson, Craig Anderson, and everyone else

© 2014 Bryan Robert Henderson and Sentric Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS)
All rights reserved