Flappy’s Souls: Legend of the Dragon OST

Fredrik Häthén
Released: 3/3/2014
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Flappy’s Souls is a game jam game made by Calle Leppäjoki. It’s retro in every sense of the word; old-school graphics, corridors with stiff movement and little-to-no story. To complement this old-school feeling, an equally old-school soundtrack was needed. This is the first part of the soundtrack; MIDI files being played by, say, a Sound Blaster 16 sound card.Then a question was asked: What if Flappy’s Souls would be ported to the NES? What would happen to the music then? That is how the second part of the soundtrack came to be.Then another question was asked: What if someone rediscovered Flappy’s Souls these days and decided to remake it for, say, the PS3? What would the music sound like then? That lead to the creation of the third part of the soundtrack.Special thanks to Emma Grahn ( for the amazing cover art and the images of the different “versions” of the game. Included in the download are photos of the game’s different “incarnations” (original PC, NES and PS3 editions), created by Emma Grahn as a homage to the different systems.
Music composed, arranged and mixed by Fredrik Häthén.
Art by Emma Grahn.
Flappy’s Souls is a game by Calle Leppäjoki.