Released: 9/19/2014
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OverClocked Records NOTE: Including “Pay What You Want”, 100% of all “Heartsink” sales goes to Leitbur to help pay down Jeron’s hospital bills from his Summer 2014 cancer diagnosis. Please support Leitbur generously and share this personal song with others.

M83-meets-Knight Rider.

Released as part of a cancer fundraiser. Please help Leitbur fight cancer and pay their medical bills by purchasing or sharing the track.

Written, produced and mixed by Jaron Widman.
Performed by Leitbur (Jaron Widman and Samantha Krzyston).
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx.


(tell me we’ll be erased
tell me when you’ll be satisfied
you can’t just walk away)

i wear it like an emblem
nostalgia in the A.M.
we’re buried in the playlists
i only have my hoarding heart to blame
a sea of broken pieces
i dive before it deepens
i’m drowning in the weekend
i never thought i’d wash this year away

i don’t want to feel my heart sink
i’m bailing but the walls keep leaking
tell it to the sleepless evenings
we can’t go back, we’re falling

i don’t want to build a time machine
i just want to fill this void i feel
deep into the night, i’m begging
we can’t go back, we’re fading
we can’t go back, we’re fading

put up another barricade
we can’t keep out yesterday
when my resolve has weakened
i just can’t form the words that i should say
all the broken pieces
they’re looking like my demons
and sounding like your reasons
they’re hiding where the photos fade away


(tell me we’ll be erased
tell me when you’ll be satisfied
you can’t just walk away)