Released: 6/27/2014

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This is a compilation of several tracks that I’ve been sitting on for the past few years. Some of these were tracks I did for various competitions, such as 2-hour compos and the like, while others are tracks I’ve had in progress for quite some time that were begging to be finished. I started a few of these as early as 2011, while others are more recent works from 2014.

I’ve named this album Horizons because it marks a sort of “turning point” for me. I am looking towards new horizons now that I have completed school and am ready to focus on making music my career. I wanted to get a lot of these tracks out there, because I have a terrible habit of sitting on half-finished tracks and never releasing them. These tracks may not all be of a consistent quality, but they all definitely mean something to me and I’ve really enjoyed putting them together. There’s a decent variety represented here, so I’m hoping there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Some of my influences include various VGM composers such as Yasunori Mitsuda, Koji Kondo and Yuzo Koshiro, as well as many talented electronic artists such as zircon, coda, Joshua Morse, PrototypeRaptor, lots of folks over at OverClocked ReMix and a LOT MORE!

Special thanks to all of my very supportive friends and family, especially my lovely girlfriend, Polly 🙂

Thank you!

All tracks composed, arranged, and mixed by Jordan Michael Reed (Jamphibious)