Labyrinth OST

Released: 12/9/2014
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Labyrinth is my entry for round 31 of the 48-hour game development challenge known as Ludum Dare. The theme was “Entire Game on One Screen,” so I made a 2D puzzle platformer where the level rearranges itself to present new puzzles to you.

The soundtrack (as well as all of the art) for Labyrinth was fully composed within the 48 hours of the competition. Below are the estimated working times (based on FL Studio project files) for each track, sorted by order of production.

“A Hero Appears” – 1 hour, 21 minutes
“Shifting Scenarios” – 45 minutes
“Your Quest Is Over” – 11 minutes
Total time: ~2 hours, 17 minutes

You can play the game directly in your browser here:

Learn more about the game at my website here:

Or view its Ludum Dare 31 submission page here: