Lifeless Planet OST

Rich Douglas
Released: 9/12/2013

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This is the soundtrack by Rich Douglas from the game Lifeless Planet by Stage 2 Studios. This release features much of the score from both the PC and Xbox One versions of the game as well as a wealth of bonus tracks. The bonus material includes alternate takes of a handful of cues, several tracks from the unused early alternate score, and original demo tracks composed early on for the game in order to get the gig! Purchase the entire album in order to get these bonus tracks as well as the music heard within various cutscenes.

The score features haunting work from a custom emotional string instrument known as the bazantar (a cousin to the cello), as well as various synth elements which at times feature a full-blown orchestra. These elements all make for a very cool (and unique) listening experience that is not to be missed!

Lifeless Planet is out on Steam:

More info about Stage 2 Studios:

Music composed by Rich Douglas:
Twitter: @RDouglasMusic

This music may not be used in any other form of media and is copyright Rich Douglas MUSIC LLC.


“The Rich Douglas-composed soundtrack is majestic and mysterious, and Board uses it sparingly to preserve its power to move you. It is genuinely impressive to arrive at a Lifeless Planet vista, received by a stirring musical crescendo. It’s a place that deserves a more compelling reason for you to visit it.”Kill Screen Daily

“The soundtrack’s a twitchy, shimmering pleasure.”Eurogamer

“There are places where the sweeping landscapes and subtle orchestral soundtrack come together so perfectly that I just had to stand and stare for a moment.”PC Gamer

“It also contains such a well executed soundtrack that was very reminiscent of the Mass Effect series, and always seemed to perfectly set the mood for whatever was going on at that exact moment. In fact, I highly recommend playing through Lifeless Planet using a set of headphones.”whats your tag blog

“With any great story, there comes an amazing soundtrack. To me, Lifeless Planet feels more like a movie than a video game. Each scene had its music composed and tailored to the player’s emotions.”The Critical Gamer