Released: 1/18/2015
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Monarchy is a tribute to classic 80s styled Heavy Metal/Hard Rock music, inspired by bands like Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Metallica.

Created in Reason and Ableton Live.

Plug-ins used – Guitar Rig for guitars and Bass. Drums sequenced using Reason Drum Kits. Mastered in Isotope’s Ozone.

Special Thanks:

Where do I start? Perhaps most importantly, I need to thank my collaboration partners: Valentino Francavilla, Philip Canton, Luke Highet, Erik Peabody, Juan Medrano, Stevo Bortz, and Josh Kruszyna. Without you guys, this would not have been possible.

I’d like to thank my family, Kristoffer Soucy, Kristina Scheps, Kyle Crouse, Larry Oji, Andrew Aversa, Trevor Bamford, the community of OverClocked ReMix and, of course, all the fans and awesome people who download this album! Not much point without you guys.

Valentino Francavilla: Lead Vocals
Phil Canton: Bass
Luke Highet (Squidfish Attacks!!!): Rhythm Guitars on “Razor’s Edge”
Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar): Rhythm Guitars and Second Guitar Solo on “Widow’s Tears”
Stevo Bortz (Level 99): Lyrics and Backing Vocals on “Widow’s Tears”
Joshua Kruszyna: Rhythm Guitars and Final Guitar Solo on “Society Insanity”
Juan Medrano (Sixto Sounds): Rhythm Guitars and “Impossible Guitar Solo” on “Society Insanity”

Album Artwork by Kristoffer Soucy (Kris VRS)

All other credits to Will Harby (WillRock)