Night Sounds

Heath Morris
Released: 11/20/2010
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I wrote these songs while listening to Justice’s first album. They aren’t the most melodically inspired songs I’ve ever made, but they are the product of many rageful tears about my production quality. Production quality is something I’m always trying to improve, but I never seem to achieve. I’ve always felt that I’m just behind the line that would make my music listenable to a mass audience. This makes me flip flop back and forth between proclaiming that I make music for myself and no one else, and then trying like mad to up my abilities for a crazy sprint, before giving up. Maybe I’ll get there some day, or more importantly for my peace of mind, maybe I’ll at least feel like I got there. So I have a lot of mixed feelings about these songs, but they let me explore a place I hadn’t been to yet, where melody took a band seat to structure and sound. In later works I think I’ve been able to make them all play nice together, and I like to think that the results justify this excursion.