Perfect Getaway

Released: 2/7/2015
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Perfect Getaway is roughly the story of one man’s rampage through a corrupt city set at some point in the technologically-advanced future. Flexstyle, the Mad Scientist of Sound, has had it with the evils running the city, and has decided to make a statement . . . with MUSIC. Destruction of buildings may occur due to loud decibel levels. Not recommended for children under the age of zero or corrupt government officials of any age.

True to the name of Flexstyle, this album spans the gamut between breakbeats, trance, progressive house, drum’n’bass, chillout, and more. No two tracks sound the same. Everything was made with care.

Track 1 originally by Jamison Randall (
Track 3 originally by Flexstyle and remixed by KingTiger (
Track 4 originally by Dan Veytia ( and remixed by Flexstyle.
Track 5 features AkumajoBelmont ( and Jason Covenant (
Track 8 guitars by Fighting for Last.
Track 10 features a progression originally by dmGuillotine (
Track 11 originally by Airdrift ( and dmGuillotine and remixed by Flexstyle.
Track 12 originally by Benjamin Briggs (
Track 15 originally by Flexstyle and remixed by Nutritious (

Album artwork by Edward Dennis (
Album design by Mark Whiten (

This album and everything included with it is copyright 2015 Michael H. Birch, who uses the pseudonym of Flexstyle as a recording and performing artist. All derivative works used with the permission of their original creators. All songs written by Michael H. Birch unless otherwise noted.