Pixel Perfect Complete

Released: 6/15/2012
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Pixel Perfect Complete is the final entry in the Pixel Perfect saga. It features remastered versions of the 13 original Pixel tracks, two all new tracks (and a remix) composed by myself, and a handful of remixes by various members of the VGM and indie music communities. It is my first full length, production ready album with over 20 tracks, ~70 minutes of music, and full color artwork designed by yours truly.

Special thanks to Blake Troise (PROTODOME), Benjamin Briggs, Bryan Herkless (Miearth), Wes McDonald, Mike Vu, ambinate, Damon Law (theStark), Mike Birch (Flexstyle), Jamison Randall (JR), the staff and community, my most excellent Facebook and Twitter followers, and everyone else who helped out along the way.

– halc