Point L4

Joe Griffith
Released: 2/4/2013
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Point L4 is an eight track album that forms a small corner of a much larger work. Paradigm is a multimedia project, spanning multiple albums in a range of styles and genres, all tied together by a single broad theme. Paradigm is a digital universe, a hypothetical MMORPG if you will. Within the world there are multiple areas, each allocated by genre, from futuristic science fiction to medieval fantasy and everything in between.

Point L4 is one of these areas, an enormous construct built within a larger area designated as ‘outer space’.

Imagine a bustling intergalactic hub, beings of all shapes and sizes clad in a variety of futuristic gear, traversing shifting walkways as they weave between sentient androids, holograms and barriers of light. Through the immense windows, a million stars illuminate the vast emptiness of space, broken by the occasional field of asteroids and fleet of starships departing from one of the many docks.

This album was written with the sole purpose of telling a story, of recreating the atmosphere of Point L4, from the rapid space elevator transit systems to the jovial conversation of inhabitants and the high-speed, high-tension starship races and battles.

All tracks composed and produced by Joe Griffith.
Album Artwork by Mou Akhter.