Quixotica 2

Released: 9/1/2015

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The continuation of the Quixotica anthology.

Ten more tracks from the time-hopping adventures of .mpegasus. Beginning in contemplative repose as we ponder “Knowledge,” before slamming headlong into the mathematical dance of “LogicGate,” backed with the sleaze-funk of “Mutagenie.” “Nostromos” is a world of danger, so tread lightly – one false move and you’ll be whisked off to the mysterious right-angled dimension of “Orthogony” from which the only escape is a flight through “PixlSpace.” “Quixotica,” the belated title track, spits 80s fire in all directions and is guaranteed to cause convulsions. A cure is available at the “Radmarket,” where strange merchants offer even stranger trinkets, but linger too long and you’ll be “SIGNALost,” disconnected from the metaverse in a hopeless miasma of chaos and rude basslines. “Tryanglez” is also quite good.

Quixotica will return.