Released: 7/16/2013
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True to the .mpegasus spirit, Quixotica is a journey across time and between genres.  From the off-kilter funk of “Breakdown” to the upbeat anthemic pop of “Homespace” no musical influence is left unheeded.  “Clockwork” builds slowly and rhythmically to a swirling maelstrom of tones and beats, before “Different” locks things down to a 4/4 beat and a driving bassline.  “EjectTape” is a love letter to those 80s nights of recording the music direct from Spectrum 128k to cassette, while “Fragments” shimmers delicately at sunset.  “Gaussflux” keeps things wonky, “Instanced” evokes West Coast Hip Hop, all before the transcendent “JustLetGo” spans an emotional arc from hope to expectation to emergence.