Sapphire Skies OST

Shannon Mason (Pongball)
Released: 11/14/2011
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This is the soundtrack for the Flash game Sapphire Skies, which can be played here:

The game itself didn’t do very well (mostly due to some bugs and interface issues), but I’m really, really proud of the music I wrote for it, so I hope it gets at least a little bit of love here.

The songs are quite short due to space limitations in the game, but I crammed a lot of detail into them. This is the sort of music that’s more fulfilling if listened to closely instead of zoning out.

With the double-release of this soundtrack and the Bloom Defender soundtrack, it’s the first time I’ve put my music on sale instead of releasing it for free, so please be kind! Thanks so much. 😀

(Even if you don’t buy the album, spreading the word would be super appreciated!)


-Shannon Mason (Pongball)