Spacestation Evolution ReTuned

Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned!

Wilbert Roget, II
Released: 12/20/2013
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Spacestation Evolution was a video game that combined sidescrolling space-shooter and RPG elements, developed from 1999-2001 but never finished or released. My first full game soundtrack, SE‘s original score used synth rock for the space-shooter gameplay, and a wide variety of acoustic and orchestral instrumentation for the RPG elements. Written towards the end of the PlayStation 1 era, my influences included the iconic Gradius, Mega Man, and Virtua Fighter soundtracks for the space shooter music, as well as the classic Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross scores for the RPG tracks.

This re-release consists of the original soundtrack (presented as-is and rendered using the custom-built DLS sample set from 1999), as well as 14 minutes of live-recorded arrangements of the synth rock space-shooter music.

All music composed, arranged, and performed by Wilbert Roget, II
Album art by Katie Kinkel