Trace Vector OST

Released: 1/25/2014
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This is the official soundtrack package for Vexel Games‘ debut title, Trace Vector. Vexel Games and I found each other through the OCR forums, when Alex, half the dev team, posted about needing a musician for their new action arcade game. This was in 2012. Fast forward a couple years later, and we finally have a finished product–a slick, fast-paced, neon, ’80s-esque arcade title with a shimmering retro soundtrack.

This OST combines parts Tron, New Order, some spacesynth, and a heaping helping of original melodies together into one rainbow-colored explosion of nostalgia! I created it to emulate the big, shiny sounds of the ’80s and early ’90s–the arcade heyday!

Enjoy the tunes!

All songs copyright (c) 2014 Vexel Games

Album artwork by Alexander Hill of Vexel Games