Triple Troublemakers

DiGi Valentine, halc, UV Sir J, Zone Runners
Released: 2/18/2015

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Before setting out on another road-trip, The Terrific Trio invite you to embark on a behind-the-scenes look at “a day in the life of a Zone Runner.” Relax with the Doctor over in the Lab to see where the inspiration comes from; catch a peek of Val routinely adjusting the hydraulics on his low-rider (no Flickies within 5 metres, please!); or join the Robo for some more Badnik anarchy as he brings a holographic friend along for a quick look at how the ZR’s roll! Before our unlikely heroes can continue their journey, they set out on a mission to bury some old enemies deep within the pits of the dreaded Scrap Brain Zone, and for the first time we uncover a few of the reasons as to why they began Running in the first place.

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DiGi Valentine //
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Arranged and produced by halc + Sir J.
Lyrics and vocals by DiGi Valentine, halc & Sir J.

Characters and lowrider illustrations by KetrinDarkDragon.