Twin Wings

Twin Wings

Released: 9/29/2013
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Twin Wings is a 5-track collaboration album made over 1.5 years by “9-bit” chiptune artists A-zu-ra and DDRKirby(ISQ).  Having first encountered each other’s similar musical styles in One Hour Compo (, they decided to try collaborating with each other on music.

The beginning half of the first track, “Ascent”, was done as an in-person collaboration, with DDRKirby(ISQ) and A-zu-ra trading off, each making a section of the song before passing it to the other, but the rest of the album was produced entirely via sending FL Studio project files back and forth over the internet, often with little or no direction or comments given to the other person, leaving them free to make their own judgments about the state of the song and where to take it.

Although each song is cohesive as a whole, the characteristic traits of A-zu-ra and DDRKirby(ISQ)’s differing musical styles still manifest themselves, hinting at which composer was responsible for each section of each track.