Villainous Vikings Theme

Viking Guitar
Released: 7/6/2014
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My buddy Jeremy Stoltzfus developed an awesome strategy board game called Villainous Vikings.

Order it here:

Before he got a publisher, he was planning on doing a Kickstarter to raise funds to get the game printed. Along those lines, he commissioned me to do a theme song for the game/Kickstarter campaign. I asked him what type of music he wanted, and he replied by asking, “Have you ever heard of Amon Amarth?” 😉

Since Jeremy found a publisher for the game and thus didn’t need to do a Kickstarter, this song never saw the light of day. Since the game’s coming out soon, I figured I’d toss it up here for free for anyone that’s interested.

This is a fun track for me because it was the first original song I’d written in a while, and I got to make it as viking-metal as possible. It’s also the last track I did before I upgraded some of my recording gear and software (still using EZdrummer DFH on this one!), and I think it sounds pretty decent in spite of it.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with Victory Point Games, and this song is being released strictly for listener enjoyment and to draw attention to the Villainous Vikings game. No copyright infringement is intended.