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Shuttle Rush Has Arrived!

Hello everybody!

Intern Mason reporting for duty!

As a music major, I’m expected to listen to all genres and artists, from Mozart to Skrillex. Since I listen to so much variety, DaMonz’s new album Shuttle Rush warmed up to me very quickly. There are so many genres and sub-genres in music that it can be easy for an artist to become pigeonholed into just one style. However, with Shuttle Rush there’s a whole package of different genres. Of course the album revolves around a retro aesthetic, but there is so much variety in the sounds that are created that there were times that I forgot I was listening to 8-bit music.

Take the first two tracks “Shuttle Rush” and “Tread Heavy”, for example. These are fast, energized pieces that feel like they should be played while playing through Mega Man. However, once you get to the third track, “JoLabz”, things start branching out in different stylistic directions. When I first heard this track, it evoked a city nightclub, with its electronic house music vibe. As the album continues, the different styles keep spilling through, ranging from the 70s disco sound of “Space Jungle” to the laid back, relaxed feel of “Settle Back”. Seriously though, “Space Jungle” sounds like Donkey Kong met the Bee Gees in an 8- bit alternate universe. It’s amazing, you need to listen to it.

A great thing about this vibrant community is that collaborating with people far and wide is so easy. On track 7, artist WillRock contributes his own unique sound to the album that mixes very well with DaMonz’s style. The track starts off intense and almost eerie in the very beginning that grows and shapes itself in a very unique way. Hopefully these two collaborate again in the future because they are quite the duo!

If you’ve made it this far without listening to the album, what are you waiting for? Check out the whole thing on SoundCloud, and if you want to purchase your own copy and support the artists, the list price of $2.99 is a steal!

Signing Out,

Intern Mason

Shuttle Rush OST


Check out the link to the album here!