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The Zone Runners Are Here!

In case you missed it, last week the Zone Runners released their first album with Overclocked Records! It combines several genres to create an excellent Sonic-themed album – chiptune, hip-hop, nerdcore and even some singing from Sir J are combined into an adventure through the world of Sonic. Literally so: throughout the album, the trio illustrates their journey through the Zones with short skits, adding character to Dr. halc the Hedgehog, Valentine the Rabbit and the robotic Sir J on their ‘quest’ to have a good time.

Zones from all over the Sonic spectrum make their way into the music – fan favorites like Spring Yard Zone, Angel Island Zone and more make their way in and out of the bouncy, colorful tracks. Many VG rap albums bombard their listeners with references constantly, but the Zone Runners have managed to walk the fine-line between relying on their source and playing to it. Anyone who takes a listen will know this is Sonic-inspired music to be sure, but even without a gaming background the songs and the lyrics come through in a big way, which is no small feat. If a funky hip-hop hedgehog sounds like your cup of tea, take a listen – this album is for you!

Zone Runners

Take a listen right here!

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